A popular internet saying goes: “Money is not earned by working, it is earned by thinking! If money were made by working, everyone working from 8 AM to 5 PM would be a millionaire. This is a truth that to this day has distinguished the great investors and the richest people in the world.

The truth is that in the world of finances, beyond being a genius in investments or having lots of millions of dollars available to create enterprises, what is needed is a clear vision of what is desired and of what can be achieved under a projection of constant saving.

Only the people that focus their energy and will in having good earned money, know what each penny that has been saved represents and that is why they have total dominance of their earnings for a truly prosperous and debt-free life.


The Triumph of Thinking Honorably

Even people who work in an industry such as fast food, which in appearance may be one of the most lucrative and “easy” types of businesses to deal with are aware that not everything is rosy.

In fact, this type of business is experiencing high levels of stress, since it is not easy to respond to customer demand while managing revenue and servers in charge of serving customers.

This simple example demonstrates how all work requires effort and that the best investment is the one of working honorably. Indeed, this is in itself an investment as we use our will and good energy with the intention that they convert themselves into a positive income for our lives.

As long as a person is aware that making money and using it is not as easy an issue as the television or the media paints it out to be, the better your perspective on how to save and take advantage of business will be.


Investments Are Always Scalable

In the world of investments, one does not become a millionaire overnight. No, that is something that only happens with the lottery, and statistically, only one person per million usually wins.

In the meantime, business demands time, effort, and the sacrifice of working progressively. Today’s big multinationals were once small businesses, such as the small gas station restaurant that was opened and run by Colonel Sanders, who started marketing fried chicken using his own recipe. Many years later that business would become the famous KFC franchise.

Thus, all investment projects start from scratch and at low rates. The big forex traders started with numbers as low as $100 dollars and only in their process of growth did they learn to obtain much more solid gains.


A Model That Repeats Itself in All Businesses

That logic is the same one applied by people dedicated independently to real estate. They start, for example, renting their own apartment and with the profits it gives them, they save to buy a second. And so on until you reach the top of a very well earned money and saved with enough calm to enjoy yourself to the full.
That is why it is essential to be suspicious of any type of investment model or business project that provides us with millions in a very short time. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

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