The existence of illegal business like the pyramids or ambitious projects as multilevel business does not represent the only temptations to satisfy that desiring dream of living an easy life. Sometimes, the problem falls into the optic and vision of the person itself, who proceeds to enter a business that in a certain sense operate within the scope of the law.

The clearest example is Forex. It is an investment platform popularized in the internet sector that sadly has caught the attention of many. As well as the written examples of the previous article, many people have fallen into those networks losing their total money, since many of the denominated “brokers,” to say the platforms of work: they only emphasize in catching money with publicity campaigns.

The truth is that Forex, in case you are working with an official broker, there are many people that have gotten involved in this business with the hope of becoming millionaires within days. Is truth that it is possible to obtain an excellent income by starting with a basic amount of only $100 dollars, but it requires effort, sacrifice and above all: time.


How Forex Operates

As an investment platform, the Forex market consists of buying and selling currencies to monetize its money according to the margins of the increases and decreases of a currency’s value. Each day thousands of transactions are generated in which analysts and/or investors are conscious of the value a currency is taking to have into account how much profit you can obtain of said fluctuations.


Forex, therefore, operates in the following way:

The investors buy determined currencies like the euro, US dollar, yen, to then sell them again at a higher price.

Constant analysis is required to have total clarity of how the national and international economics come together to define the value of these currencies.

Although buying and selling currencies is constant, the percentile income that is received for each transaction is relatively low.

Yes, gains are frequent, but it is necessary to be clear that profits will not be astronomical unless you have millions of dollars on hand to conduct large purchases.


Bad Forex Investors

Investors who operate in this business are actually investors, even though their job is simply to buy or sell, making their decisions have a clear objective: they know that every time they buy quantities of currency, they have the opportunity to extract percental profits.

The point is that Forex is a type of business that requires careful study and long hours of training before daring to execute an economic transaction. Nevertheless, at the outset, (as advertised by official brokers) in their quest to attract new investors, it seems an easy business to learn.

Moreover, it is there, at that very moment that logic of easy money, incites the person to enter into this type of business as if it were a game of chance. He thinks “it’s all about buying and selling.” Moreover, to the same extent, where the possibility of winning is reduced to 50%, there have been many investments that have lost large sums of money under risk and the goal of obtaining easy money.

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