Having money means to many people the opportunity to have access to everything they wish for, to dignify life through any type of tastes and the ease of having control of all things through shopping. When you operate with this monetary logic, as was said previously, then life becomes instantaneous.

That is why the idea of obtaining easy money is born, to allow such a lifestyle. Nowadays this has caused societies to suffer from a severe breakdown of values. That is how is born, the culture of easy money where the essential is to have it, no matter what you must do to get it.

In countries like Mexico and Colombia, this concept of a comfortable lifestyle can be seen with the rise of armed groups and mafias. There is neither law nor morals. If the capitalist system demands us to have money to live a comfortable lifestyle, then there is no punishment in drug dealing or working for a criminal organization.


Beyond the Culture of Easy Money

When there is no access to factors such as drug trafficking or common delinquency, then there is the alternative of having a business where money laundering is done. When this does not happen, and then comes the idea of having a business where clients’ own rights are abused.

It falls into the category whereby “everything is valid,” no matter the moral impact this can represent in our society, generating a vicious cycle where everyone is actively encouraged to maintain that attitude and engage in the fight for acquiring easy money.

But beyond the previous example, led by individuals such as Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera, better known as El Chapo Guzmán, the culture of easy money has been printing in new tendencies of the actual businesses that promise heaven and earth in the least amount of time possible.


Investments That Promise Easy Money

The popularization of investment businesses that promise to make you rich in the least amount of time possible will continue accompanying societies while maintaining the illusion of money being easy to obtain, and that the mere fact of obtaining it guarantees us happiness in every way.

Proposals to become a millionaire are increasingly bold and almost countless. The most consistent example is the money pyramid scheme. This is a type of business where people tend to fall in the promising temptation of having their money multiplied by just leaving it in an “investment” fund.

Said “investment” fund will just need to give you a fixed rate of money, and in exchange, you will receive large commissions. Most of these types of business operate under the logic of money laundering, or simply by capturing a kind of money that will not return to its “clients.”

The example of pyramid schemes that has even had activity in Mexico as in the rest of the world is without a doubt the metaphor of a society anxious to live a comfortable lifestyle that confuses the concept of investment.

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