Earn Money by providing an end to end solution for your existing customers. 

 Our referral program is crafted for businesses such as insurance companies, tax preparers, supermarkets,  multi-services, etc. Our program is easy to implement without the need of expensive softwares or handling huge amounts of cash. It is all DIGITAL!

Easy, Fast and Secure. Three easy steps:

Code & Training

We create a special, easy to remember Referral Code with your business name for you to share with your existing customers. We also equip your staff with an online training to help them onboard your customers.

Marketing Materials

We provide you with marketing materials displaying your referral Code for clients who visit your facility. We also help you create a Digital Plan to maximize your reach

Monthly Report

We create a monthly report for you, reflecting your earnings made by new senders you helped onboard and the earnings of repeat sends made by existing clients. They only need to set your referral code ONCE!

Ready to introduce your clients to BillMo’s Money Send App and earn Referral Partner Bonus?

Fill the details and a sales manager will contact you as soon as possible to set up your account and referral code.

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