Talking about Forex and its relation to the US dollar is to highlight the reason why this currency is so desirable in the world, as a currency to save in and earn big profits. Forex is the money investment model where you can understand exactly why a currency can cost more than its selling price, in addition to understanding why you can make extra money with US dollars even in small amounts.

The main issue by which people have distorted the idea of ​​saving in dollars lies in the fact that they associate savings with large sums of money. In the world of Forex, this is something that of course frequently happens for investors who work with high amounts of foreign exchange, but there is also a small sector that makes daily profits on the dollar as they learn to become even greater millionaires.


The Example of Overcoming the Forex and the Dollar

Many of the great Forex investors have started their successful careers with a basic fee of only $100 dollars. The strategy to make money on Forex is to know when to buy and when to sell. Of course, you can also make transactions with other currencies such as the Euro, the Yen or the Pound Sterling.

Nevertheless, it is widely known that one that is most actively traded is the dollar. Why? Because the dollar is a currency in which most of the world’s trading relationships are involved. This is the case of the Pound Sterling, whose market is a little smaller. The Euro, on the other hand, is protected by many very stable economies such as Germany, France or Italy, all of which are part of the European Union.

In contrast, countries around the world are doing business in USD, so this coming and going is what affects the value of this currency. Thus, the dollar is a currency whose value is prone to change. It is precisely these shifts in value that represents the greatest advantage to Forex investors.


Explaining the Forex Market with a Very Simple Example

Basically, what Forex investors do is buy currencies when they are at a good price and then release them when they are in a more expensive position. That is to say, that its profits are in relative accordance to the value of a currency.

Of course, some investors can earn millions of dollars in percentage profits after only one transaction. There are also smaller caliber investors who can gain $50, $100 or $200 a day. The profit can be much lower, but it still continues to be a profit that can give you the same amount of money that you would earn if you were paid a salary for working in a company.


The Method of Saving in Dollars

However, be forewarned: this series of articles is not aimed at saving your money through Forex, but through the saving of actual money, since to talk about Forex is to speak about a market where you must study hard to become a good investor.

To save in dollars is the same model that Forex proposes: to buy and to sell. Only that here, daily sale transactions will not be made, although one works with the model of waiting and only selling at the most opportune time.

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