If you ask yourself every time you refill your car up with gas: ‘am I buying liquid gold or fuel?’ then you are in the right post. Today I will give you effective tips on how to save money in gas, basically answers to the following question: How to prevent the price of gasoline from affecting your finances?

Following the recent increase in the cost of gasoline in Mexico, many of us have been spending an amount that cannot really afford on gasoline.

If you want for the high prices of gasoline to not affect your budget negatively, you will have to make a proper use of your car and implement measures that will help you not only to save money on gasoline but also to use your vehicle more conscientiously.


In Mexico, More Than 3% of the Citizens’ Monthly Income Ends Up at Gas Stations

Today having a car in Mexico represents a high monthly rent not only with regards to service and maintenance costs but with respect to the high costs of gasoline that make having a vehicle a financial burden.

Mexicans consume an average of 397 liters of gas annually, meaning that more than 3.4% of the average citizen’s income ends up at the gas stations. The worst part is that a big part of the fuel is imported, a factor which is making the prized gasoline more expensive.

The current price of gasoline has increased by almost 40% during the last four years. Today a liter of gasoline has an exorbitant price of 13.57 pesos, and if your vehicle uses Premium brand, the price increases to 14.38 pesos per liter.

Apparently, the price of the gasoline will not go down, and then we have two choices: stop using our car or implement measures to save gas. If you are consciously using your vehicle and you are paying attention to some things that can provide you with significant savings.


The Numbers Frighten: The Price of Gas in Mexico Is No Game

In the last four years, there has been a 40% increase in the price of gasoline and other fuels like diesel. This increase has negatively affected the economy of Mexicans who spend more than 3.4% of their salary in fuel.

The price of gasoline has recently increased by a very high percentage:

  • Magna increased by 14.2%
  • Premium by 20.1%
  • Diesel increased by 16.5%

The government subsidy was eliminated. Worst of all, the production of gasoline in the country is not enough, so more than 70% of the gasoline consumed in Mexico is imported.

Next, I will give you some tips to put into practice to save gas and to make a correct and conscious use of your vehicle.


How to Prevent the Price of Gasoline from Affecting Your Finances

If you follow the next tips, you can prevent the cost of gasoline from negatively affecting your finances.

Do not warm your engine, Start!

If you have the habit in the morning of turning your vehicle on and waiting for the engine to warm up, stop; this practice makes you consume extra gasoline.

Be constant; do not make sudden changes of your driving speeds

This tip not only will help you to save money on gasoline but also will make you a more conscious driver and your car will work better. When you drive your car, drive

at moderate speed. Try not to do sudden gear changes.

This is because deceleration and acceleration of the engine causes a greater consumption of fuel than if you drove less abruptly.

It is simple: accelerate smoothly, brake in advance and do not do it abruptly. Conscious drive and effective save.

Do not drive fast, be a saver!

If you are a lover of speed, a good reason to lower your driving speed a bit is the savings in the consumption of gasoline that you will achieve by slowing down. As a general rule, more fuel is consumed when driving at speeds greater than 80 km/h.

If you reduce your speed, you lessen the consumption of fuel; thereby you reduce your monetary expenditure.

If you travel heavy, you spend more gas.

Do not carry unnecessary objects in your vehicle. Avoid any extra weight if possible. Carry just the basics: safety equipment, an emergency kit, and a tool kit to help you should you be faced with any unforeseen circumstance when driving your car. Balance the weight of the objects in your vehicle; do not overload one side of it.

Believe it or not, traveling with heavy cargo means that you will consume much more fuel, something that can damage your vehicle in the long run.

Avoid driving with the windows down; use your air conditioner instead

Although it seems illogical, driving with all the windows of your car down will make you consume more fuel, it is simple physics: when you drive with the windows down at high speed, the wind generates some resistance, causing your vehicle to counteract this resistance by using more gasoline or fuel.

If there is resistance, more fuel will be consumed.

Nevertheless, that rule does not apply if you are driving in the city in a climate lacking high wind currents. If you find yourself stuck in traffic, then that is a good time to lower your windows and enjoy the fresh air.

In conclusion, when driving at high speeds you should drive with the air conditioner turned on and windows up to avoid creating resistance. In a windless climate and at a constant moderate speed you should lower your windows.

Choose the right moment to buy gasoline.

Avoid purchasing gasoline in high temperatures. The ideal time to buy gas is early in the morning or at night.

This is because when the gasoline is cold, it is denser. However, when it is warm its density is lower, so you will probably receive less.

Keep your tires well inflated

This is critical not only because of the fuel economy having well-inflated tires can achieve, but because maintaining the right tire pressure improves the efficiency of your car. Make it a habit to check the pressure of your tires every 15 days.

If your car is in good condition, it will obviously use the fuel more efficiently

It is essential to comply with all preventive maintenance that guarantees the proper functioning of your vehicle. Everything from oil changes to revisions is important. A car in poor condition will naturally consume much more fuel to function.

Regularly check the air filters, use the oil recommended by the manufacturer, remember the cleaning of the injectors and keep your vehicle well-tuned.

This will not only mean a better use of gasoline, but it will also extend the useful life of your vehicle and its efficiency.

In conclusion, do not forget to check your vehicle constantly.

Choose your path wisely.

This is essential when it comes to saving money on fuel. Opt for less traveled routes and avoid traffic jams. Taking a shorter route can make a real difference with regards to your monthly fuel expense.

The exorbitant price of gasoline represents an excellent opportunity to start saving and being green

Instead of being negative and seeing the rise in the price of gasoline as a kind of punishment, be eco-friendly and look for ways to be a money saver.

If you can, use regular public transportation. Do you want to go to the supermarket a couple of blocks away? Well, walk! It’s good for your health and your budget.

An excellent choice is to use a bicycle. It allows you to move in a healthy way and the best thing is that it will not cost you anything at all.

Do you work for a company located far from your home that employs several people? Use a single vehicle to reach everyone; sharing the transportation expense will reduce your transportation costs.

Do not stop using these tips and ask yourself: how much did you save on fuel?

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