Exceeding cellular accounts? No more:


Exceeding cellular accounts? No more:

TIPS to save on mobile

If you are one of those who have not finished the month and you are out of balance to call, and not only that but you cellphone bill is terrifying; well, you have come to the right place. In today’s post we will talk about how to save in the next cellphone bill and get the most out of your mobile phone.

Forget about paying exorbitant amounts on cell phones bills, with these tips that we bring to you today, you will be saving a substantial amount in your monthly billing for cellular services, no matter your phone operator.


First, it is very important to know what your operator can offer

If you really want to make the most of your cellphone, you should know which carrier is most convenient for you. Therefore, the choice of operator is fundamental. According to your needs, there are some that offer certain services at a better price, for example: there are operators that have better plans and promotions in minutes for international calls, but if that really does not interest you and you are one of those who send text messages a lot, then get one operator with good text messaging plans.

Research more about offers of the mobile operators in your country, and identify the one that has the best price for the service that you really need. You do not want to do anything with a plan that gives you thousands of calls to landlines when what you are looking is browsing data and full internet; Choose an operator that really offers you the best price for the service that you are going to use.


 Mobile phone operators in Mexico

In Mexico there are three mobile operators with own network, these are: Telcel, Movistar and AT & T Mexico. These three all have 3G and 4G internet network. This is important for those who wish to browse from their cell phone.

A 3G network works at a slower speed, although the 3G network is more stable because it has been installed and found in all areas of the country. The 4G network is new and its speed is incomparable, however the stability and the area of coverage have limitations.

Telcel has a 4G coverage area of 72.23%, Movistar has a coverage of 56.78% in the 4G network.

AT&T has a 4G network coverage of 73.54% being the one with the largest coverage of this network in the country.

The commercial offer between the three varies and you can discover this on their official websites:

Telcel: http://www.telcel.com/

Movistar: http://www.movistar.com.mx/

AT & T Mexico: https://www.att.com.mx/

Find out about the value of the service you use most among these three. Through this, you will find the most convenient one.

We can’t point out that one is better than another; There are many contradictory opinions on the net. The most advisable in this case is to investigate and learn more about the services that each one best provide.


If you identify your needs you will not have to pay extra for services you do not use

Usually these operators offer you plans, making a combo of minutes to cellular, fixed, internet and SMS or text messages, some include multimedia message and other services, but what if you do not need all that. Find out if you can get something cheaper by acquiring the plan.

Many of us do not know anything when we arrive at the office of our favorite operator, where a very good salesman ends up putting us on a plan with hundreds of minutes of phone calls which we simply won’t use. Thousands of texts are lost and there is an insufficient quantity of data, which is what we use the most. Inverse cases also occur; You really do not use the internet because you have access to Wi-Fi, and what interests you are the calls, but you do not know how you ended up with a plan full of unused data.

Identify your needs and you will know what you need, try to put together a plan that benefits you and not the operator’s pocket.

Pay only for the services you use and you will see substantial savings in your monthly mobile or cellular billing.


Cash TIPS to Save Money on the Cell Phone

Next, we will talk about how you can save money not only in the phone bill, but also when buying your mobile phone and even how to make better use of it. Pay attention and make a profit with your  cell phone without paying gigantic amounts of money in telephone services.


  1. You are going to buy cell phone: choose according to what you use

Many of us are inclined towards fashionable options: Samsung, Motorola, Nokia phones and many other well-known brands that are the latest generation that practically do everything for you, and the truth is that we do not use even a 30% of their functions.

TrackID, voice recognition, Video DJ, Sensmey, beast sound, motion sensors for games and even shake the phone to change the music track you are hearing, if you did not even know that there were all this improvements and virtues of new technologies and you are one of those you use: WhatsApp, a little mail, calls and text messages, well… save yourself a few dollars and choose a good phone that offers you what you need and do not squander on devices that you simply will not make the most use of.

There are thousands of options in the market that can give you what you need and you should not spend large sums of money. Do not let consumerism and fashion trends get hold of you, first ask yourself: Do I really need a phone that shakes to change songs? And after this it will be easier for you to make a good choice and save money.


  1. Not everything that shines is gold, and the sales person always has only one goal: to sell

You are looking for a good plan for your phone, and the truth is that as soon as you arrive at the shop of your favorite telephone operator the “wonderful” offers that you cannot pass up do not stop popping out.

The sales person has a goal that he/she must meet: sell, yes it is; Sell to you the plan that gives the most benefits to the telephone company, in case you did not know the sales person gets a pay commission to achieve some conversion to other plans.

So get more information about your telephone operator, find out the commercial offers and change your plan to the plan you think is more convenient for you. Do not stop listening to the offers but if they do not suit you, do not choose them.

And of course do not believe everything your salesman offers you; not all that glitters is gold. Be sure to read the fine print.


  1. Many plans and you do not know where to choose

I recommend that before choosing the plan, you identify what you really need, browse the official websites of each operator and look at the commercial offer they have in the service you use the most.

And when it comes to changing your plan, make it simple; Use the applications and online platforms that are much easier to use, not only that you choose, but also you have more freedom.

Many use the excuse that changing the plan online takes more time, when it is the opposite; to change plan in the shop of your mobile operator you have to go to the physical site, wait for it to be taken care of. This takes you more time than to sit in your computers make a couple of clicks and choose what you want.


  1. Public telephones and Ladatel phone cards a more than viable option

Yes, you might had forgotten that there were public telephones. Since you have your cell phone,making a phone call in the street seems silly, think better, there is no lower rate than public phones sometimes for only 3 pesos you can talk unlimited.

  1. Take advantage of self-service offers and promotions

All telephone operators offer promotions for using online recharge service, or better known as self-service. The online platform where you register can help you pay your bills yourself and change your plans.

Normally the operators give away bonuses in calls and messages by paying on time and in cases a little bit more if you do it online. Some of these companies even give away discount coupons.

Take advantage of the membership, there are some operators that have a club where you register and give you points that you can use then to change minutes and additional balance. Sign up for anything that gives you a benefit, but do not believe it can represent a substantial savings on your monthly bill for cellular service.

If you are a customer of the telephone operator Telcel you can consult their promotions in the following link: http://www.telcel.com/personas/telefonia/amigo/promociones.html

If you are a Movistar customer: http://www.movistar.com.mx/descubre/promocion

Or from AT&T Mexico here: https://www.att.com.mx/promotions.html

The promos could be double recharges or even free cell phones.


  1. And how about if the person who receives my call pays me

An excellent option is: the collect call. Imagine you are three days before the renewal plan day of the month and your phone credit is gone and you have ran out of calls, the truth is that you do not want to recharge or have a recharge balance at the moment, but the worst thing is that you need to make an urgent call.

If your case is the previous one, then do not worry; Just make a collect call, this is charged to whoever receives it and the person has the power to answer as it is informed that it will be paid by him/her.

To access this service you must only dial a code at the beginning of your call, this is specific for each operator.

  1. Do not make unnecessary calls, use text message

If you do not know what to do with all those text messages that you have at the end of the month, then: Use them! Do not make unnecessary calls, if what you have to say is a simple: I’m going home, I’m coming, where you, and other messages that do not require a call. Text it.

Even if you do not believe it, just doing this will save you a few dollars. Additionally, you can do it easily by writing your own text message templates with the phrases you use the most. This will not only make it easier to communicate, but will be faster.

  1. Do not go beyond your plan limit: monitor the time of your calls

Sometimes we are engaged in an interesting conversation and we forget the expensive fee we pay for cellular service. Do not go through long conversations, set an alarm for every five minutes the call lasts, so when it rings you know the time you have on the phone and you limit yourself.

If you hang before 45 seconds you can avoid a few unpleasant surprises.

There are telephone companies that vary the rates according to the day and time when the call is made. Identify your operator’s peak hours and avoid making expensive calls that would not be so expensive at other times. In the three operators you can find preferential rates in the morning and certain period of the day, find out about it.


  1. Affiliate friends and frequent contacts

You are enrolled in the free calling program for friends and affiliates, do not hesitate to use it. Instead of placing both as favorite friends and enjoy the benefits both; That you put only one as a favorite, and the other to write a message when you need to be contacted with something like: “call me, you have free calls to my number”

Check if there is any limitation such as: the number of minutes so that you do not overdo it and charge you a call that can be free.


  1. Ignore promotions such as: ‘dial to 52638 and get your horoscope for free’

Do not spend unnecessary money by sending codes to get information that you can get for free on the internet, let alone to download applications, games, music and all  types of multimedia contents you can access for free by the network.


  1. Get organized with frequent contacts

Be smart and partner with your family and friends, decide with wisdom who will be your frequent free contact. And if someone can call you for free do not spend your balance unnecessarily to contact him/her. Send a text and ask them to communicate with you.


  1. Do not forget to use your home phone

Yes, that old device you hardly see, that does not bring applications and you cannot hear music, but you can call with a rate much lower than cellular rates. Take advantage of the phone in your house and if it is not really your thing and do not use it, then cancel it.

  1. Let alone the internet

In recent times there has been a significant decrease in the use of voice calls and text messages and an exorbitant increase in the use of data. If you are one of those who does not reach the end of the month and you are spending a lot of money for more, you have to know the following tricks that will extend the life of your data notably.

First, your motto from now on will be: What is your Wi-Fi key? Yes, take advantage of any unlimited internet signal and save a few more megabytes.

Second: configure your phone, be it Android, Windows Mobile or an Apple phone, you can reduce your data consumption by following some basic guidelines that we will talk about below:


  • Remove automatic updates, only update your phone when connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Restrict background data. Applications that you download can be consuming your megabytes without you even realizing it. Enter the settings of your mobile phone, look for the background data option and restrict applications that you do not need.
  • Turn off the GPS, it’s simple, if you use it, turn it ON. GPS is one of the services that consumes the internet unnecessarily. Maybe you did not notice it and you had it on, so now verify that everything you do not use is disabled.
  • Like the GPS, the Bluetooth. If you are not using it, turn it off. Although it does not consume data, but it consumes battery. You charge your battery with electricity, which is expensive.
  • “I do not spend anything, just WhatsApp” you’ve heard something like that, think better; You paid less money when you only had calls and text on your cell phone, right? So as with data you consume more if the messaging through applications like WhatsApp is free.

The above has a simple explanation: you receive images, music, videos for services like WhatsApp, because you are already consuming much more than you would with paid calls and text messages.

Therefore a rule is fundamental: take care of the multimedia content you download. A video of only one minute consumes up to 34 megs but if it is in High Definition it can consume up to about 120 megs.

  • Watch out for the “free” calls you can make with applications like: WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime. These calls are the most expensive ones that exist, because not only who makes them pays, but also those who receive them.
  • If you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network or you have no megabytes to give away I recommend that you make a normal voice call, in the end this is cheaper.
  • Social networks a bestial mega consumer. If you are the type that spend all day in Instagram, Facebook, twitter and other similar social networks, obviously you consume many megs.

I understand that you do not want to give up taking a look at your Instagram from time to time, but if you use social networks activate and deactivate some options, for example: in Facebook, remove the option of automatic video playback, on twitter and Instagram there are also options that you can enable as: data saving.

  • You love music and download songs frequently through the data service of your cell phone, you can look for options with less sound quality but that will consume much less megabytes. The truth is that you will not feel the difference, but your pocket will feel it.
  • Beware of the speedy 4G also consumes more mega even if you do not believe it. Remember when you had the 3G internet service on your cell phone; Your bill was not so expensive, with the new 4G LTE service you can even quadruple the amount you paid for telephone service.


  1. Save energy, believe it or not, you can save a few dollars

The energy savings immediately reverberate positively in your pocket, even if you do not know, charging your cell phone two or even three times a day increases the electric bill.

So always put your cell phone in battery saving mode. Lower the brightness of the screen. This will not only lengthen your battery’s life but also benefit the health of your eyes. Turn off everything you do not use like: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and more. And additionally, you can configure the interval of the email updates, thus saving not only energy but megs.


  1. Make proper use of accessories, so you do not have to replace them

Do not leave your cell phone plugged to the current, believe it or not, it consumes electricity. If your mobile phone has already been charged, disconnect the charger, leaving it plugged in will not only reduce battery life but also consume power unnecessarily.

Take care of the charger, they are expensive and it is one of the accessories that is replaced more.





  1. And finally: use less your mobile phone is better for your health

Yes it is; The cell phone affects your health as does any device whose operation involves waves. Do not sleep with your cell phone in bed, or leave it working all night near the place where you rests.

Be careful and not only take care of your health, but give a more conscious use to your mobile phone.











Saving money is easy if you propose it, we can enjoy a few pesos more to spend on activities that we enjoy if we use and do not abuse our mobile phone.

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