BillMo Highlights the Stories of US-Based Latinos Who Have Overcome Adversity To Make Dreams a Reality


BillMo creates the online campaign, Latinos Que Inspiran (Latinos that inspire), to help celebrate Latino achievement.

MIDDLEBURY, Conn., May 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — BillMo, LLC, a US-based company that provides a low cost money transfer and mobile wallet application, today announced a new campaign that highlights the stories of Latinos who exemplify success through Latinos Que Inspiran, or Latinos That Inspire.

Latinos Que Inspiran is a campaign developed and launched by BillMo to shine a light on entrepreneurs, professionals, families, students and young people who not only strive to achieve success daily, but thrive and prosper. Latinos Que Inspiran is a compilation of personal stories that exemplify how constancy and commitment have driven their success in the United States.

These testimonies, found at, highlights Latinos who are an example in their communities and stand out for the development of their capacities, both in the professional field and in their private lives. They are an inspiration for others who are looking for guidance and hope that a brighter future is not only possible, but absolutely achievable.

“At BillMo, we want to support and honor all Latinos who in every challenge see an opportunity for learning, who don’t stop fighting, and who do exactly what they’re passionate about,” said Roger Lopez, BillMo’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Latinos Que Inspiran serves as a vehicle to spotlight success of those who have seen their dreams come to fruition while inspiring those who have dreams they want seen turned into realities.”

The Latinos Que Inspiran campaign seeks to demonstrate that Latinos are worthy examples of struggle and humility and have overcome social, economic and political barriers that don’t weaken them, but strengthens them in their desire to have the life that they want and deserve.

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